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In Flower This Week

A weekly news sheet prepared by a Gardens' volunteer.
Numbers before each plant refer to temporary IFTW labels in the gardens.
Numbers in square brackets
[ ] refer to garden bed Sections. Plants in flower are in bold type.

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7 December 2012

Bulbine glauca

Bulbine glauca
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Flowers in the Gardens are forever changing but always magnificent as are those along Banks Walk. However those in the Rock Garden are also worth viewing so come and enjoy them.

  1. Start in a clockwise direction, at the base of the waterfall the corner garden contains Hibbertia serphyllifolia [Section 15c], a dense shrub clad with bright yellow flowers.  Surrounding it are flannel flowers, Actinotus helianthi, attractive with silvery grey foliage and large white daisy- like flowers.
  2. Grevillea ‘Poorinda Royal Mantle’ [Section 15d] is the dense groundcover bearing pink toothbrush-like flowers, cascading down the rockface.
  3. Kangaroo Paws, Anigozanthos ‘Regal Claw’ [Section 15d] displays its burnt orange ‘paw’ shaped flowers on long upright stems and
  4. Bulbine glauca, seen throughout the gardens, displays its bright yellow terminal poker-shaped flowers, also on long upright stems.
  5.  Copper Cups, Pileanthus vernicosus [Section 15d] is a small plant spreading its limbs along the ground.  Its open flowers are coloured orange-red.
  6. At the next corner Banksia blechnifolia [Section 15d] is a prostrate plant, dense with  upright deeply lobed tough leaves coloured bronze when young and with cylindrical upright pinkish flower spikes, appearing to sit on the ground.
  7. Edging the stairs, Grevillea ‘Mason’s Hybrid’ [Section 15h] is a large spreading ageing shrub with its long branches clad with terminal clusters of pink-cream flowers.
  8. Edging this top road Scaevola albida var. albida [Section 15h] displays its mauve fan- shaped flowers over the small mounded plant.
  9. With it are scattered Vanilla Lillies, Arthropodium milleflorum [Section 15h] having grass-like leaves surrounding long spikes with small pink flowers.
  10. A backdrop of Kangaroo Paws, Anigozanthos flavidus [Section 15h] with tall stems of vivid rust red terminal flowers.
  11. Further along, showy above other shrubs, Dampiera sylvestris [Section 15h] with rich blue flowers can be seen.
  12. Follow the next path between grass trees, Xanthorrhoea johnsonii [Sections15,14] with graceful flowing grass ‘skirts’, to the lower level.
  13. Opposite the ‘sun clock’ Verticordia longistylis [Section 15r] is an attractive rounded shrub with rounded clusters of mauve feathery flowers.
  14. Following the path downwards, in a pot, Verticordia galeata [Section 15r] with yellow flowers and Verticordia pennigera with its pink feather flowers, are an attractive combination.
  15. Ever so bright is the edging of Scaevola calliptera [Section 15r] prostrate plants vivid with large purple fan shaped flowers.
    Around the corner sit awhile and enjoy the vista, waterfalls, pools and lush plants and water dragons, too.

Barbara Daly.