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24-31 December 2010

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‘Tis Christmas time and there’s many a flower to admire. This walk follows the Main Path among the striking white trunks of the eucalypts, the Sydney Basin Flora to the Rock Garden and so through the Rainforest. Flowers are many from the Visitors Information Centre, not forgetting the wall of orchids inside, to the Ellis Rowan Garden from where this walk commences.

Follow the path where, in front of the grass trees a small grass-like plant, Thelionema grande [Section 8] has rich blue open petalled flowers on long bare stems. Opposite, the bed of daisies is yellow including the taller Podolepis robusta [Section 303] with scraggy yellow flowers heads on long stems.

Grevillea insignis subsp. insignis [Section 30] is a shrub with long branches terminating with clusters of pale pink waxy flowers and with sharp holly-like leaves. Edging the path Homoranthus prolixus [Section 30] is a flat-topped low shrub bearing tiny perfumed flowers along the branches. Close by Verticordia plumosa [Section 30] has feathery pink flowers covering the small upright plant. Behind a notice board Banksia pilostylis [Section 25] is a dense rounded shrub decorated with compact cream upright cylindrical flower spikes while across the road, Banksia caleyi [Section 24] is also a dense, rounded shrub inside the foliage it displays its lovely downturned deep scarlet flower spikes, seen without disturbing the branches. Almost opposite, Banksia blechnifolia [Section 26] is a prostrate plant with upright deeply lobed leaves and reddish brown upright flower spikes among the new rust coloured foliage, all appearing to rise from the ground. Grevillea ‘Bonfire’ [Section 24] has waxy red curvaceous flowers over the upright shrub on either side of the seat, while a non-red grevillea, Grevillea buxifolia [Section 26] has grey spider-like flowers on the yet small shrub.

Across the next road at the far corner Boronia ‘Tyalge Ruby’ [Section 112] has pale pink four-petalled flowers scattered among the soft foliage, seen sheltered by larger shrubs.Across the road the path wanders through the Sydney Region Gully. A dense groundcover Scaevola hookeri [Section 191s] has a profusion of small fan-shaped white flowers. At the look-down Hibbertia scandens [Section 191s] is a dense vine bright with large yellow open flowers, concealing a tree trunk. Take a small path to the right to view Blueberry Ash, Elaeocarpus reticulatus [Section 191s] a tall shrub splendidly clad with tiny downturned frilly pink flowers. Then return, passing Patersonia sericea [Section 191g], a Native Iris, with short strappy leaves and deep purple three-petalled flowers, each lasting a few hours. At the corner a view of Flannel flowers, Actinotus helianthi [Section 191u] with soft felt-like greyish leaves and attractive daisy-like flannel flowers mix with Christmas Bells, Blandfordia grandiflora [Section 191u] showing the spectacular bell shaped flowers coloured red and yellow. Cross over the Eucalyptus Lawn and so down to the Rock Garden abounding with floral wonders. View Goodenia macmillanii [Section 15r] a small wandering plant with large pink flowers. In the small garden in front of the ponds of the waterfall, Goodenia humilis [Section 15v] is a dwarf mounded plant yellow with tiny flowers, emu bushes, Eremophila latrobei [Section 15v] bearing scarlet tube shaped flowers over the upright shrub and behind Ptilotus manglesii [Section 15v] a small herb interesting with tinsil pink flower balls.

flower image

Continuing to the Rain Forest note Rhododendron lochiae x macgregoriae [Section 110] a low spreading shrub beautiful with bell shaped open clusters of orange tinted red flowers. The Rainforest is a most relaxing, cool experience with few flowers among the greenery. Then down the ramp, still with colour and back to the Information Centre.

Such an assortment of flowers to enjoy over the Christmas period…. Barbara Daly.






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